Interest Rates

Interest Rates on G&C Mutual Bank products.

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Savings Account

Effective 5 August 2016

Access Account (S1)
Regular Payment Account (S2)
Mortgage Overdraft (S15)
VISA Account (S3*)
Budget Account (S5*)
Special Purpose Account (S7*)

Daily Balance                                        
Interest Rate  
$0 plus
0.00% p.a.

Interest calculated on minimum monthly balance and paid monthly.

Pension Plus Account (S12)

 Daily Balance
  Interest Rate
 $0 - $48,600  1.25% p.a.
 $48,600 plus  2.75% p.a.

Interest is calculated daily on the portion of the balance in each tier at the applicable interest rate and paid monthly.

Bonus Saver Account (S13)

 Daily Balance  Rate Type
 Interest Rate
 $1 plus  Base Rate  0.01% p.a.
   Bonus Rate  1.60% p.a.
   Total  1.61% p.a.

All deposits made to the account receive interest on the balance together with a bonus interest, if these conditions are met: no withdrawals or transfers are made in the month, account not closed during the month and minimum $100 deposit each month by cash, cheque, payroll credit or direct credit.

InetSaver Account (S11) (only available via online or phone banking)

 Daily Balance                                   
 Interest Rate  
  $0 -$99,999  0.05% p.a.
  $100,000 - $249,000  0.50% p.a.
  $250,000 - $499,999  1.00% p.a.
  $500,000 plus  2.50% p.a.

Interest is calculated daily on the portion of the balance in each tier at the applicable interest rate and paid monthly.

Reward Me Saver Account (S32)

  Daily Balance
  Interest Rate  
 $0 - $19,999
  0.00% p.a.
 $20,000 plus   0.25% p.a.

Members with minimum monthly balance of $20,000 and above in their account will receive the 0.25% p.a. interest rate on the whole balance of the account and is paid monthly.

Christmas Savings Account (S4) & Young Savers Account (S8*)

  Daily Balance                                     
 Interest Rate  
  $1 plus
  0.25% p.a.

Interest calculated on daily balances and paid monthly.

Cash Management Account (S10 & S55)

  Daily Balance                                    
  Interest Rate  
  $0 -19,999
  0.10% p.a.
  $20,000 - $99,999
  0.35% p.a.
  $100,000 plus
  0.75% p.a.

Interest is calculated daily on the portion of the balance in each tier at the applicable interest rate and paid monthly. Deposits available at call after 7 days

Go Green Savings Account (S18*)

 Daily Balance                          
 Interest Rate
 $1 plus
 0.00% p.a.

Interest calculated on a daily balance and paid monthly.

Determined Savers Account (S9*)

 Daily Balance                            
 Interest Rate
 $0 plus   0.01% p.a.

Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.

Insurance Account (S6) & Union Membership (S14)

Non-interest bearing account

*No longer offered. Existing accounts only.

Term Deposits

Effective 24 November 2016

Term Deposits
  Term available (Minimum $1,000) 
  Interest paid on
maturity or annually# 
Interest paid monthly
 5 years
  3.20% p.a.
 3.00% p.a.
 4 years
  3.10% p.a.
 2.90% p.a.
 3 years
  3.00% p.a.
 2.80% p.a.
 2 years
  2.75% p.a.
 2.55% p.a.
 1 year
  2.50% p.a.
 2.35% p.a.
 9 months
  2.00 p.a.
 1.85% p.a.
 7 months special
  2.40% p.a.
 2.25% p.a.
 6 months
  2.30% p.a.
 2.20% p.a.
 3 months
  2.20% p.a.
 2.15% p.a.
 2 months
  1.75% p.a.
 1.70% p.a.
 1 month
  1.75% p.a.
 1.75% p.a.

# Term Deposits: These rates apply to retail deposits only. These rates are only offered if the member nominates for interest to be paid on maturity or when the term exceeds one year where interest must be paid annually. Monthly, quarterly and six monthly interest is available with a reduction on the current rate.Where funds are withdrawn from a term deposit account prior to maturity, a reduced rate of 1% interest applies. For terms outside of the advertised rates, call 1300 364 400 or visit your local Service Centre for more details.


Interest rates for new loans effective 25 January 2017

Home and Investment Loans
Owner Occupied 
Property Investor
Product Annual % Rate¹ Comparison % Rate² Annual % Rate¹
Comparison % Rate²
Premium Home Loan Package
3.99% p.a.
3.99% p.a.
4.34% p.a.
4.34% p.a.
Solutions Home Loan Package
4.76% p.a.
4.79% p.a.
5.11% p.a.
5.14% p.a.
Standard Variable
5.15% p.a.
5.18% p.a.
5.40% p.a.
5.43% p.a.
Construction Loan
5.37% p.a.
5.40% p.a.
5.52% p.a.
5.55% p.a.
Equity Line
5.72% p.a.
5.72% p.a.
Bridging Loan
5.72% p.a.
5.75% p.a.
5.72% p.a.
5.75% p.a.
Retirees Access Home Loan
6.47% p.a.

Fixed Rate Home Loans³
  Owner Occupied
Property Investor
Annual % Rate¹ Comparison % Rate² Annual % Rate¹ Comparison % Rate²
1 Year Fixed
3.89% p.a. 3.92% p.a.  4.29% p.a.  4.32% p.a.
2 Year Fixed 3.99% p.a. 4.02% p.a.  4.39% p.a.  4.42% p.a.
3 Year Fixed 4.09% p.a. 4.12% p.a.  4.49% p.a.  4.52% p.a.
4 Year Fixed 4.49% p.a.
4.52% p.a.
 4.89% p.a.
 4.92% p.a.
5 Year Fixed
4.59% p.a. 4.62% p.a.  4.99% p.a.
 5.02% p.a.

Personal Loans and Car Loans

  Annual % Rate¹
  Comparison % Rate
 Fair Rate Personal Loan⁴
 5.99% p.a.
 6.20% p.a.
 7.99% p.a.
 8.20% p.a.
 8.99% p.a.
 9.20% p.a.
 10.99% p.a.
 11.21% p.a.
 16.99% p.a.
 17.22% p.a.
 Fixed Rate Car Loan⁵
 7.99% p.a.
 8.26% p.a.

1 Eligibility criteria, terms & conditions and fees & charges apply. Rates applicable to individual loan contracts may vary.
2 Comparison rate based on $150,000 loan over 25 years.
3 At the end of the fixed rate period the loan will continue as a fixed rate loan for the same period, unless you choose a different fixed rate period or a variable rate product.
4 Comparison rate based on unsecured $30,000 loan over 5 years.
5 Comparison rate based on secured $30,000 loan over 5 years.

Warning: These comparison rates are true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

Overdrafts and Line of Credit
 Product Interest Rate
Comparison % Rate
 Secured Equity Line of Credit
 5.72% p.a.
 Unsecured Overdraft                               
 15.50% p.a         

Eligibility criteria for loans, Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges apply.

Credit Cards

Effective 6 May 2016

 Interest Rate  
  Platinum Visa Credit Card
  18.74% p.a.
  Low Rate Visa Credit Card
  9.49% p.a.

Eligibility criteria for loans, terms & conditions, fess & charges apply.