Changes to Online Banking Services -                       Alternate Reference Number now available!

2 February 2017

Upgrade to Online Banking Services

At G&C Mutual Bank we are always looking at ways to improve and constantly add new features to our Online Banking service to make it quicker and easier for our members.

What's changing?
From the screenshot below you can see that we have added a column (under Accounts Lists) with the heading Account Ref which appears next to the Account Number. This is the “Alternate Reference Number” or XREF no. and is the number that you should be using to ensure that your external transfers and direct credits are processed correctly and directed to the correct account.

Alternate Reference No. screenshot

Please note that the above screen is for reference only. Please login into your account to get the correct Xref number associated with your account.

Most of you are currently quoting your Membership number and account type eg. 704354S1.1 as your Account Number, when providing payment instructions. Most external banks don’t recognise alpha numeric combinations and this is resulting in some payments being rejected.

Also, due to some constraints in the core banking system, this is resulting in some payments going into the first account under a membership, typically an S1 account, which is not necessarily the account that you would like the money deposited.

To ensure that your payments are processed as efficiently and effectively as possible, you need to start using this Alternate Reference Number when setting up payments with third parties.

When you are arranging for a single or ongoing transfer from a third party such as your employer, Centrelink, etc. to a G&C Mutual Bank Account; please ensure that you provide the following information:
  • BSB – 659-000 (this applies in all cases including Quay members)
  • Account Ref (Alternate Ref/XREF) – this can be seen on your account list as above
  • Account Name – Your member name that holds the account eg. S. Jones

This change will become effective from 2 February 2017.

If you have any questions please email or call us on 1300 364 400
9.00am - 5.00pm weekdays