ATM & EFTPOS Security

It is important to protect yourself when using ATM's and EFTPOS. Below are some tips to help you keep your money safe.

Protect your PIN, Protect your Money

The easiest way to keep your money safe and reduce the chance of becoming a victim of card fraud is to Protect Your PIN. Your PIN is the secret code that protects your card transaction account(s). No matter where you are or who you're with, make sure you keep your PIN secret.

Without your PIN, you can't access your money at ATMs or EFTPOS outlets, and nor can anyone else. By taking simple steps like covering your hand when you enter your PIN, you will make it difficult for fraudsters to get the information they need to get into your account. Make it a habit to Protect Your PIN.

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This information was sourced from APCA - Australian Payments Clearing Association

Cardholder Security Tips

The most common ways that criminals obtain a PIN at an ATM are by looking over your shoulder (defeated by covering your PIN), by using spy or micro cameras (also defeated by covering your PIN) and by using a false overlay over the PIN pad.

It should be second nature to cover your PIN at an ATM, just as you don't typically hold your wallet wide open when removing notes, so that others can see how much is in it.

Sure criminals can also compromise your PIN by PIN Pad overlays of one form or another, but using cameras or looking over your shoulder remain the most common methods. Why do they need the PIN? Because if they have it they have a chance of making illegal cash withdrawals using trapped or counterfeit cards (as well as illegal payment transactions).