BPAY allows you to pay your bills at anytime and from anywhere straight from your account. Access BPAY online via Online and Mobile Banking or our 24 hour Phone Banking service.

BPAYSince BPAY was launched over a decade ago; they've helped make the lives of millions of bill-paying Australians easier.

With BPAY, you're able to pay your bills quickly and securely, 24/7 through Online and Mobile Banking or our Phone Banking service.

What's more, you can pay multiple bills at the same time and schedule payments in advance.

So it's no surprise that last year over 289 million payments were made using BPAY. And with over 20,000 billers on board, you can now pay virtually anything with BPAY from utility bills to flights, school fees and much more.

After all why do things the hard way? Next time you need to make a payment simply look for the BPAY logo on the bill.

How to pay with BPAY:

1. Register for Online, Mobile or Phone Banking if you haven't already.
2. Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bills.

Pay bill using BPAY

3. Log on to Online or Mobile Banking, or use Phone Banking service.
4. Select "Payments" then BPAY and follow the simple instructions.
5. Wait for and record your receipt number.

To pay more than one bill simply repeat the process as many times as you need.

BPay is offered by 170 financial institutions and more than 20,000 billers. This is general advice. Before using BPay please review the Account and Access Facility - Terms & Conditions and consider whether BPay is suitable for you. BPay® is a trademark of BPay Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.