Depositing & Withdrawing

Branch Deposits & Withdrawals

Visit our Sydney and Wagga Wagga Service Centres to make deposits or withdrawals, or cash bank cheques. 

Cheque Facility

We can provide you with a cheque facility which allows you to make payments by personal cheque. Making payments by cheque is easy, flexible and secure as you do not have to worry about carrying large quantities of cash. We will debit your savings account for the value of the cheques you draw.

Direct Debits & Credits

We can set up regular or periodical payments to be paid out to other organisations from your account. Payments can also be set up to be paid from other organisations to your account directly. All you need is the correct G&C Mutual Bank BSB number (659-000) and your member number.

Direct Debit services

You can make payments debited directly from your accounts to cover:

  • Utility bills
  • Insurance payments
  • Loan repayments
  • Credit Card repayments
  • Charity donations

You will need to quote G&C Mutual Bank's BSB number 659-000 and your member number.

If you wish to cancel a direct debit arrangement you can contact either the biller or us. If you contact us, we will promptly process your request however we suggest that you also contact the biller to cancel the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement that you have in place with them.

Direct Credit services
You can arrange for money to be directly credited into your G&C Mutual Bank account from other organisations. These are great for:

  • Salary
  • Pension/allowance
  • Tax refunds
  • Dividends

You will need to provide G&C Mutual Bank BSB number 659-000 and your member number to the remitter of funds.

New Payments Platform

The New Payments Platform (NPP), including PayID and Osko is available to our members. This means you can now make and receive payments in real time 24/7 through Online Banking, Mobile Banking and the G&C Mutual Bank Banking App