Quay Banking App                                                                             New release 3.1 available from 4 October 2017

Quay App

Quay Banking allows you to complete your everyday essential banking functions on your mobile phone and other mobile devices.

You can now quickly:
  • Check your balance
  • Transfer funds
  • Make BPAY® Payments

Other features include:
  • Change card PIN
  • Report lost or stolen card
  • Find your nearest rediATM

Easy to use, safe and secure

Registration is simple, all you have to do is download the app from Google Play or the App Store, then register using your Online Banking login details. You then select a passcode that you would use to login to the app, each and every time.

All confidential information is encrypted and stored securely. Payment functions and transaction details are protected by your passcode, and you have the option of enabling or disabling a quick view of your available balance.

You can now do your banking wherever you are.

Upgrade to the new version 3.1 - 4 October 2017

Release 3.1 - What's changing?

  1. New member registration on-boarding flow
  2. Amalgamation of the Hamburger and Settings menus
  3. Clearer account information
  4. Login/Logout availability from any page
  5. Removal of Tap & Pay (Android only)

New member registration on-boarding flow

The on-boarding quick tour is now merged with the registration process to ensure a better overall member experience for new mobile app users.

Key registration on-boarding flow features:

  • Getting started
  • Terms of use
  • Registration
  • Set passcode
  • Fingerprint setup
  • Quick balance setup
  • What's available

Member Registration1

Member Registration2

    Amalgamation of the Hamburger and Settings Menus

    MenusThe hamburger menu is now combined with the settings menu, which eliminates the need for members to remember the location of specific functions within the app. All the features are now available in the one menu.

    Key changes to menu:
    • Manage cards - Takes you to the card screen allowing them to block a card, change a PIN and Report a lost or stolen card. 
    • Quick balance - Formerly known as Simple Balance 
    • Menu groupings - This is based on your preferences and can be amended to make the navigation manageable for you.

    Clearer Account Information

    Account InformationUsing the sleeker user friendly UI layout, the accounts page highlights key features and functionality based on your interaction.

    Key changes include:

    • Enlargement of the Available balance to be the focus
    • Reordering of pay/transfer methods to reflect how members interact with the functionality
    • Relabelling of:
      • Pay Other > Pay someone
      • Pay Bill > BPAY

    Logout/Login availability from any page

    Login LogoutFor consistency the logout/login link will now always appear in the top right corner of the app.
    When you are using the Quick balance features (i.e. logged out mode) you will need to login to access all the available features of the app.

    Removal of Tap & Pay (Android only)

    The “Tap & Pay” functionality that forms part of the current Quay Banking App for Android phone users, was market leading at the time we launched the Quay Mutual Bank Banking App.

    Since this time, there has been significant improvements in “Tap & Pay” technology and other solutions such as AndroidPay and Samsung Pay offer a better solution.

    The developer of the Quay Banking App has recently signed and agreement with Samsung to implement Samsung Pay which supersedes the previous agreement with the provider of “Tap & Pay”. This means that Tap & Pay has been temporarily removed from the Android functionality.

    We will be looking at all Pay functionality over the coming months to determine the best solution for our members.

    To get started, download the app from Google Play or the App Store and follow the prompts.

    Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

    For more details about our app, read the FAQs.

    If you are experiencing any difficulties with the Banking App, please contact Quay Mutual Bank on1300 364 400.