G&C Mutual Bank Banking App

We are very pleased to announce that the G&C Mutual Bank Banking App for both Android and iPhone devices for G&C Mutual Bank members has been upgraded. The new Banking App is more intuitive, user friendly, and it will help you manage your finances and provide greater security when accessing your accounts. The new Banking App is now available on the App Store for iOS users and on Google Play for our Android users.

The G&C Mutual Bank Banking App lets you do your banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all from the convenience of your Smartphone.

So if you ever need to pay a bill, transfer funds or check your accounts while you’re out and about, the G&C Mutual Bank Banking App is for you.

Key Features:

  • Online update feature means you will always have access to the latest information
  • Manage Card options including lock/unlock cards, PIN Change¹
  • SMS and Email Notifications²
  • Quick and Secure Access
  • Pay bills with BPAY
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds between your own account and to external accounts
  • View recent transaction history
  • Set a savings goal and track your progress
  • View product information and apply on the go
  • Access financial calculators and make informed decisions about your money

New user registration process

First time users will have to follow the steps below to complete the registration process to be able to set them up for Mobile  Banking.

Registration Screen1Step 1: Tap on "Account Balances" to get started for Mobile Banking.

Registration Screen2Step 2: First time users will be prompted with the screen above to complete their registration process. Tap on "Next" at the top right.

Registration Screen3Step 3: Tap on "Accept" to confirm you accept our "Terms & Conditions".

Registration Screen 4Step 4: Register with your member number and password.

Registration Screen5Step 5: Choose a PIN or a pattern for quick login.

Registration Screen 6
Step 6: Create for 4-9 digit PIN (if you chose PIN in Step 5).

Registration Screen 7Step 7: Confirm your PIN.

Registration Screen8Step 8: You are now a registered user. You can now choose to take a quick App Tour, do your banking or go to your settings.

Use “Quick Balance” to view your account balance without logging in

Quick BalanceYou can now quickly view the balance of a nominated account by double tapping on the orange ‘Account Balances’ tile in the Banking App.

To nominate a Quick Balance account, login to the Banking App using your PIN or Pattern. Under Settings, select ‘Set Quick Balance Account’. Nominate your Quick Balance account by tapping on your desired account.

    Card Management

    Card ManagementG&C Mutual Bank is always looking at ways to improve security of our members and that’s why we have added this new security feature in the Banking App.

    Lock/Unlock Card
    If you have misplaced any of your G&C Mutual Bank cards, then with the help of the Lock/Unlock Card feature you can lock your cards temporarily via the Banking App. If you happen to find your card, you can even unlock it via the Banking App.

    Change PIN¹
    You can change the PIN on any of your G&C Mutual Bank cards at anytime within the secure environment of the Banking App. Your new PIN will be available to use straight away.

    Points to note:

    Direct debit, recurring and scheduled payments associated with account linked to a card will still be processed successfully if a temporary block is placed on the card. All other transactions will be declined.
    The temporary block will remain until modified by the member via the Banking App.

    SMS and Email Notification²

    You will receive an SMS and Email notification if any of the below has been performed on your account:

    • Activate card
    • Attempt transaction on locked card
    • Change PIN
    • Lock card
    • Replace damaged card
    • Stop and order new card
    • Unlock card
    • Stop card

    Set up a PIN or a Pattern for quick access

    Set up a PIN or a patternYou will be asked to set up a PIN or Pattern when you register your device and you can use this PIN or pattern to access Quick Banking functions.

    Take advantage of the special offers and apply online

    Special OfferTake advantage of the special discounts on rates, credit cards and other offers available within the Banking App. We have made our mobile Banking App so easy to use, you won’t have to think. You can apply online and accept these offers through the Banking App.

    Set up a savings goal and track your progress

    Savings Goal TrackerIt allows you to set, plan, track and manage your savings goal and visualise your progress towards achieving the goal. Simply login to the Banking App using your PIN, select ‘Set Savings Goal’ from the settings menu and follow the steps to set up and personalise your savings goal.

    On-boarding tour

    On-boarding tourMembers who are registering their application, or updating to the latest version, will be greeted with an on-boarding tour to help improve their understanding of the Banking App features.

    Stay informed about the current events and news

    NewsIn this section you will find summaries of the most recent events and what's happening at G&C Mutual Bank. Stay connected and informed!

    View our competitive products, current interest rates and handy calculators

    ProductsTake a look at our current rates across Savings, Investments, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Term Deposits and Credit Cards - all in one place.

    Access our handy calculators and calculate how much you can save or borrow

    We have a range of handy calculators included in the Banking App to help you better manage your finances.

    Ability to deregister a device remotely

    Manage DevicesIf you loose a device or is no longer the owner of a device, you can choose to remotely remove the Banking App from any of your associated devices. From the top menu go to Settings, click on Manage Devices and follow the prompts to remotely deregister the application from a device that’s lost or stolen.

    1. To access this facility you must be registered for SMS One Time Password service. Click here for more information on SMS One Time Passwords.

    2. We have now made it easier for our Mobile Banking users to notify them about a payment they’ve made. When they have made a transfer or a Bpay using Mobile Banking, they get notified by an email from G&C Mutual Bank. The email includes basic details, like the date and time of the transaction, the payment amount, transaction description and receipt number.

    Download the App today by visiting the App Stores
    Google PlayApple Store

    For more details about our App, read the FAQs.

    If you are experiencing any difficulties with the Banking App, please email gcmb@gcmutualbank.com.au or call us on 1300 364 400 8.00am - 6.00pm weekdays.

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