How to prevent Cybercrime and Identity Theft

13 March 2017

The internet is part of everyday life, at home, work and school. It's important to be safe when online and to secure your computers and servers properly, otherwise you may be putting your home finances or business at risk.

If malicious software infects your computer equipment it can corrupt your files and can allow others to access your confidential personal or business information.

You can help reduce the risks by having up-to-date security software installed and activated, securing your internet connections and services and understanding and managing the emails and files you receive or download.

Backing-up your data can also help you recover your information if a virus destroys your files, or if your computer is stolen or damaged.

Cyber attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. Today’s threats differ from those encountered a month ago. What can you do to improve your security posture? Watch the video below to learn how you can protect yourself. 

Source: Stay Smart Online, Video Source: DeVry University

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