Online Security

Protect yourself from 'free' offers on the internet. 

Members are warned against the dangers of signing up for free trials with one on the many health products such as acai berry, colon cleanse, tooth whitening etc sites. In 99% of cases members do not know that they have signed up for a 12 month supply of the respective health products. In addition it appears that there is a link between these free trials and card details being compromised.

It is important to realise that nothing is free and members should be careful so as not to compromise their cards.

For further information on how you can protect yourself from these 'free' offers, click here.

Security Software

It is your responsibility to ensure you protect your system by having a Firewall, which protects your PC against intrusion, an Antivirus and Adware/Spyware software program with an auto update feature.

By installing anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall security software on your computer and ensuring regular automatic updates are enabled, you can help to keep your computer protected against external attacks by viruses, worms or hackers.

This can be done for little or no cost using free software on the internet such as AVG Anti- Virus Free Edition or there are commercial products available.

Online Banking Do's and Don'ts:


  • Change your password regularly
  • Add your bank's website address to your list of favourites
  • Contact G&C Mutual Bank if you have concerns about your account
  • Always log out after a banking session
  • Check the online banking pages for the padlock security symbol or https:// in the URL


  • Don't follow links within emails. Always type in the web address manually
  • Don't give your account details to anyone
  • Don't leave your computer while you are logged on to online banking
  • Don't use memory storers or retainers for important information on websites
  • Don't use a computer or equipment that you do not trust