Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa merchants

Verified by Visa merchants are participating online merchants that offer the enhanced security of Verified by Visa. There are currently more than 200,000 merchants worldwide offering Verified by Visa, simply look for the symbol on merchant websites when you make a purchase.

All existing, renewal and new Visa cards will be automatically protected, joining more than 355 million Visa cardholders worldwide. Throughout the world a growing number of merchants offer Verified by Visa. Look for the symbol as a sign these merchants value your business and your security.

How does it work?

All G&C Mutual Bank Members who shop online at participating Verified by Visa merchants using a G&C Mutual Bank Visa Debit or Visa Credit card will need to provide a password as part of the checkout process.

Once you "activate" your Visa card in the Verified by Visa program, you will be asked to create your own secret username and password.

Every time you shop online at a participating merchant you will be asked to provide your username and password as part of the checkout process. Your own username and password will protect your card from fraudulent use online. Your card will only be accepted by participating online merchants when the card is used with your secret password.

In addition to creating your own secret Verified by Visa password you will create your own Personal Message. Your Personal Message phrase will appear on the screen that asks for your password when you shop online.

In summary

The Verified by Visa programme enables G&C Mutual Bank to verify you are using your card online before the purchase is completed.

Every time you pay with your Visa card at a participating online retailer, you will be prompted to enter your secret username and password during checkout - just like entering a PIN at the ATM.

Activate your card for Verified By Visa

There are 2 ways G&C Mutual Bank members can activate their card:

  1. Activate your card the next time you are visiting our website. Click on the Verified by Visa logo and you will be able to activate your card after answering a few simple questions.
  2. You can activate your card the next time you shop online at a participating merchant. During the checkout process you will be asked a few simple questions. Once you answer these questions correctly you will be able to activate your card.

What if I haven't registered my card for Verified by Visa?

If you have not previously registered your card number for Verified By Visa, you will be permitted to make 3 transactions at Verified By Visa merchants. On the 4th transaction, you will be required to register before completing the transaction and making the payment.