NPP - Coming Soon

G&C Mutual Bank is pleased to be on board as a participating financial institution for the roll out of New Payments Platform (NPP) when it is launched early in 2018. 

Overview on New Payments Platform

G&C Mutual Bank members will soon be able to make and receive payments in real time, 24/7 through a new fast payments service called the ‘New Payments Platform’ (NPP). Members will no longer need to use a BSB and bank account number to get paid or to pay someone. NPP will make getting paid or paying someone a lot easier, faster & simpler through the use of a unique identifier, or ‘PayID’. It's a great way for friends to split the bill at lunch, transfer money to a family member or pay a tradesman at home.

The first innovative product delivered via the New Payments Platform will be Osko® by BPAY. It will be a convenient and accessible service for members to send payments from an account at G&C Mutual Bank, 24/7/365, to payees using easy-to-remember addresses such as a mobile phone number or email address, with fast availability of cleared funds, rich data and confidence in delivery.

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If you would like to more information on New Payments Platform, please contact us on
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