Reward Me Saver

A high-interest savings account to reward members. 

This account provides the high interest normally associated with an investment-style account, but with the flexibility of an everyday access account and funds available at call.

Funds can be accessed immediately via EFTPOS, ATM withdrawals, Visa Debit Card and Online and Phone Banking.

Have your pay credited to the Reward Me Saver account of at least $1,000 per month and maintain a minimum balance of $20,000 and you are able to earn the high interest on this account.

Members with minimum monthly balance of $20,000 and above in their account will receive the 0.25% p.a. interest rate on the whole balance of the account.

Benefits for me!

  • High interest paid monthly on balance over $20,000.
  • Funds can be accessed via EFTPOS, ATM withdrawals, Visa Debit Card, Online and Phone Banking.
  • The more money you contribute to the account the more money you receive in interest earned.
  • Use the account for your everyday needs and earn high interest at the same time.

Reward Me Saver rates for me!

Interest Rate                  
$1 - $19,999
0.00% p.a.
$20,000 + 
0.25% p.a. 

Interest rates effective 5 August 2016

 Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Tiered interest applies.