Bonus Saver

Be rewarded for all your savings efforts when you follow the conditions of the account. It is as simple as making no withdrawals or transfers in the month, not closing the account during the month and depositing a minimum of $100 each month by cash, cheque, payroll credit or direct credit. No minimum balance required.

You can view your account summary via our eStatements, our environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper statements.

This account is only available for new money to G&C Mutual Bank.

Benefits for me!

  • Only $100 minimum to be deposited into the account each month.
  • View account summary via eStatements.
  • Keep your savings money separate from you purchases and expenses accounts.
  • No minimum balance required.

Bonus Saver rates for me!

 Amount ($1+)                                   
 Interest Rate                     
 Base Rate
 0.01% p.a.
 Bonus Rate
 1.60% p.a.
 Total Rate
 1.61% p.a.

Interest rates effective 5 August 2016

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Bonus Saver account pays a base interest rate of 0.01%p.a. and a bonus interest rate of 1.60%p.a. if you deposit a minimum amount of $100 within the calendar month, and make no withdrawals or transfers in the calendar month.