Cash Management

A special savings account designed to help you reach your savings goal. A higher rate of interest is paid and calculated on daily balances.

People choose to invest for many reasons. At G&C Mutual Bank we are here to help you make the best decisions on your finances, so talk to G&C Mutual Bank today and see how we can help you!

Benefits for me!

  • Higher rate of return than on ordinary savings accounts.
  • Funds available at call after 7 days.
  • Interest is calculated daily on the portion of the balance in each tier at the applicable interest rate and paid monthly.

Cash Management rates for me!

Interest Rate                  
$0 - $19,999
0.10% p.a.
$20,000 - $99,999
0.35% p.a.
$100,000 plus
0.75% p.a.

Interest rates effective 5 August 2016

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.