SMS One Time Password

We are pleased to launch SMS One Time Passwords - a free and easy to use service that uses your mobile phone to provide you with an extra layer of security. It provides a once-only password (the One Time Password) which is generated and sent to your mobile phone to verify your transactions.

How does it work?

SMS One Time Password will allow you to:

  • Change your personal details (including access code)
  • Register new personal (external) payees, and update the details of existing (external) payees
  • Make external transfers to non-registered (external) payees
  • Term Deposit Maintenance
  • Online PIN Change

Register for SMS One Time Passwords.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Sign into Online Banking (if you are not registered for Online Banking, please click here)
  • Visit the "Maintenance" tab and select "Setup Security Options"
  • Select “Request” to register your mobile phone to receive SMS OTP
  • Check the mobile number displayed on the screen and select "Request"
  • Click on the "OK" button to proceed.

    Benefits for me!

    • Additional security for your accounts
    • Protect your accounts from unauthorised access by fraudsters
    • Free and easy to use service
    • Change the PIN on your card

    If you have any question on how to use this new SMS One Time Passwords Service, please contact us on 1300 364 400, 8.00am-6.00pm Monday-Friday and we will be happy to assist.