Statement Frequency Changes

As previously advised in Your Bank Your News Spring Edition 2017, we would like to remind members that we have made changes to statement frequency as follows: 

  • Member statements will be received on a 6 monthly basis. 
  • Overdraft statements will be received on a quarterly basis. 
  • Credit Card statements will continue to be received on a monthly basis.

We have implemented these changes based on a recent review of the frequency with which we issue member statements. Please be aware that both the G&C Mutual Bank Account & Access Facility Terms & Conditions and the Quay Mutual Bank Conditions of Use state that we will provide account statements at least every 6 months. 

As a result of this review and the increasing costs of producing statements, member statements will now be issued every 6 months for all members. The next member statement you will receive will be your 2018 End of Financial Year statement which will be issued in early July 2018.