Tools & Resources

We have included easy-to-use financial calculators, downloadable forms and applications, ATM & Service Centre locators and more to make sure you have access to information 24/7. So take a look at all our handy tools and resources below to make it easier for you. At G&C Mutual Bank it is easy banking every day!


Use our handy calculators to estimate how much you can borrow, calculate your home loan repayments, compare different home loan options and also plan …
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Buying a Car

Are you looking to purchase a new or used car? G&C Mutual Bank has some options that could help you make a decision.
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Key Fact Sheets

Key Fact Sheets provide information about Home Loans or Credit Cards in a standard format so it's easier for you to compare them with other financial …
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Travel Essentials

Whether you are going on a holiday with your family or travelling overseas on a business trip, G&C Mutual Bank can help you organise all your travel e…
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