Christmas Account

The Christmas account is an account to help you save money for the busy Christmas spending period.

G&C Mutual Bank can organise a direct credit from your weekly or fortnightly payroll, giving you the added benefit of not having to worry about transferring funds yourself.

Benefits for me!

  • Save money throughout the year so you can spend during the busy Christmas period.
  • Set up direct credits from your payroll so you don't forget to save.
  • A small contribution of $25.00 a week from your first payday in January, amounts to approximately $1,250.00 in December, which eases the stress of trying to find those extra funds at Christmas.
  • Interest is calculated on your daily balance and paid each month, which adds to your overall account balance.

Christmas account rates for me!

Interest Rate                  
0.25 % p.a. 

Interest rates effective 5 August 2016

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.